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'Exhaling anger' T-shirt


Our collaboration with the 'Killed By Death' band. The graphic is inspired by their 'Dead Garrison' lyrics which is based on the event took place during WW1 on the 6th of August 1915, it was called 'The Attack of the Living Dead', where russian soldier being poisoned with gas sacrificed themselves to stop the enemy attack.

Here is the link to the song

The writing says: '...Exhalling anger from the lungs...'

Size chart:
M: 51 / 72 cm (20,1 / 28 inches)
L: 56 / 75 cm (22 / 29,5 inches)
XL: 61 / 77 cm (24 / 30,3 inches)
XXL: 66 / 80 cm (26 / 31,5 inches)

You can check the size chart image to learn more

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